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As well as sourcing items that support smarter living and working, we also design and manufacture our own product range. This gives us complete control over quality, compatibility and pricing. We aim to offer you a cost-effective way of supporting the environment. The most popular products that we manufacture ourselves are listed below.


    Gutter Mate

    Designed and manufactured ourselves, this award-winning Rainwater Diverter & Filter, collects and diverts rain water from your gutters. No ladders needed!

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  • Fine Mesh Insert for Gutter Mate

    The ideal addition to your Gutter Mate for to achieve an even higher degree of filtration.

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  • Terracottage Water Butt

    This innovative, wall-mounted water butt is designed to create the ultimate use of space within your garden.

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  • Finia range of water reservoirs

    Sizes – 650, 1000, 1375 & 1800. Our versatile Finia Water Reservoir Moulds provide the ideal base for creating your ideal water feature for your garden.

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  • Rhubarb Forcer

    ‘Best Buy’ in BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine.
    Our traditional style plastic terracotta replica Rhubarb Forcer is perfect for encouraging early growth and a quicker yield.

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  • Midi Wormery

    Our Midi Wormery is ideal for locations where space is limited – including kitchen cupboards.

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  • Junior Wormery

    Our Junior Wormery is ideal for small flats, balconies, studios, children and single person use.

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  • Original Wormery

    Our Original Wormery is our highly acclaimed and bestselling ‘dual chamber’ Wormery.

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  • 3 tray green wormery

    Tiger Wormery

    Convert your kitchen waste into liquid feed and rich organic compost with our Tiger Wormery – fun colours available!

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  • Garden King 220 and 330 Litre Composters

    Our garden King composters are made from 100% recycled materials and rotationally moulded to a robust and high-quality design.

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  • Rotol 220 and 300 Litre Composters

    Winner of Gardening WHICH? Best Buy, our Rotol Composters are manufactured to our exceptionally high standards using 100% recycled material.

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  • Composphere

    A unique, rollable, compost tumbler! It’s fun to use and can be rolled around the garden to mix the contents.

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  • Bokashi Bins

    Our Bokashi Bins are available in single and double kits. Includes Bokashi Bran and detailed instructions. Bokashi is an easy, no smell or mess compost process.

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  • Blackdown Range of Wooden Composters

    Our wooden composters use 22mm thick British timber for excellent quality and durability, and are guaranteed for 15 years.

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  • Blackdown Range of Raised Beds

    Our Premium range of extendable Wooden Raised Beds include modular, tiered, corner and framed raised beds. Multiple heights and widths are available for ultimate flexibility.

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  • Hay Soaker

    The Hay Soaker is an all-in-one solution to hay soaking. Its unique design makes soaking hay an easy task. It comes with a stand to give easier access to the tap.

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