GM8 Group Gift Cards

New for Christmas 2018, customers can now order gift cards for their friends, family and loved ones. Gift cards are particularly useful around Christmas time and birthdays, whilst they can also be popular for Father’s Day and Mother’s Day – in fact they genuinely make a perfect present for any occasion all year round.

We have 4 gift cards available and each one can be bought more than once for the same person or used in combination:
• £10
• £25
• £50
• £100

To purchase a GM8 Gift Card Voucher, please phone up our customer care team on 01462 429 795 and state the value you require. We will then send you a GM8 Gift Card via email, with a bespoke voucher code, that looks something like this:

£100 GM8 Gift Card Voucher

Terms & Conditions:
For the Purchaser:
To purchase a gift card for someone else, you can buy as many gift cards as you like to make up the desired value you want to spend on your recipient. Simply phone up our customer care team and they will send you a GM8 Gift Card Voucher via email with a bespoke code. Do not share this code with anyone else other than your intended receiver.  Please ensure you tell us who your gift card is for so we can keep our records up-to-date.
For the Recipient:
If you are lucky enough to be given a GM8 Group Gift Card Voucher, simply go online at any of our GM8 Group websites and place your bespoke voucher code in the discount box and press update. The value of your Gift Card will be subtracted from your order total. Shortly afterwards, you will receive an order confirmation email confirming your transaction.
The Finer Details:
Only 1 order per customer can be made on the website with a Gift Card Voucher. If the items selected are more than the gift card, the recipient will need to pay the difference. If the items selected are lower than the gift card, you will lose the remaining money on your gift card. No refunds will be given. Gift Cards exclude delivery and cannot be turned back into a monetary value.  Gift cards do not expire.


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